Join the Revolution with WATCHER of the DAMNED!

In a World gone Viral, a Hero shall Arise – join the Revolution with Watcher of the Damned!

The Happening wreaked havoc as Humanity got a hard reset from a deadly gender-cidal Virus – and for Trans-Mutated Survivors like The Watcher, life in Texas just got a whole lot bloodier and a whole lot lonelier.  In a cyberpunk Wild West gone awry, The Watcher was a Rebel without a clue under the System: a brutal high-tech Social Construct engineered to serve the Enlightened and oppress the Damned. But that’s all about to change, thanks to a cheeky chaos agent named Rose… Now The Watcher must lead a Revolution to save Rose from the System He helped create, or Rose will die – and Humanity will die with her.  

Fight the System – Join the Revolutiòn – with R. H. Snow’s subversive new book, Watcher of the Damned

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